Misted up Double Glazing

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Do you have condensation in your double or triple glazing?

Well fitted units should last around a couple of decades but you may be experiencing misting due to some of the factors listed below. These can reduce the longevity of the unit and lead to misting. A misted unit will not be functioning as efficiently as a properly sealed unit. This will have an affect on the insulation properties of your home and may even affect your heating bills over time.

Possible causes of misting & condensation

Failed Seals

One of the most typical reasons for misting in your double or triple glazed units is a seal that has broken down and quite possibly invisible to the naked eye. The seals that tend to erode and cause the misting are often hidden from sight once the unit is installed. Once broken down atmospheric changes will cause moisture to be drawn into the unit and gradually build up into a mist/condensation on the inside of the unit.

Poor fitting

Another reason for the deterioration of glazing seals can be due to the fitting of the frame around the glass or the manner in which the windows were fitted to your premises. Even the best frames can fall foul to damage if they are not fitted in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. It is always advised to have a reputable firm fit your glazing units so as to not void any factory or manufacturer warranties.

Forces of Nature

Nature can play it’s part in the failure of double or triple glazed units. South facing walls experiencing strong sunlight and oppositely extreme cold weather and frost will take their toll on the units. When planning for extremes it is best to consult a specialist glazier such as Studley Glass where we can advise on the unique properties of certain units to help prevent deterioration through natural causes.

How can this be repaired?

Simply put the only real solution is to replace the units that are showing signs of condensation. There is sadly no easy solution to remove the condensation and retain the integrity of the factory sealed units. Studley Glass are more than happy to provide impartial advice if you have concerns over some of your multi-glazed units and recommend suitable replacements to meet the environmental requirements the unit will be experiencing.

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